A good deed
makes a good


Good Neighbour is about connecting local people with refugees and asylum seekers, who are new to the area, have arrived without the support of their own friends and family, and who need to create a whole new life for themselves in our community. 

For project volunteers, it’s about reaching out to others within your local community, building new friendships and doing unto others what we could only hope would be done to us, should we ever find ourselves in need of a good neighbour.

Good Neighbour's home base is Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. In time, we hope to grow our operation to benefit refugees and asylum seekers nation-wide. 


How it works

We are a non-religious organisation — independent of any faith group — and we work with both refugees and asylum seekers. This is important as, so often, government funded services provide support to persons classified as 'refugees', but are unable to assist 'asylum seekers' with the same options. 

Not sure of the difference? You're not alone. 

Typically, in Australia, a refugee is a person who has left their own country, by crossing a border, and is then determined, by a government or the United Nations, under the Refugee Convention (the international law that countries, including Australia, are signatory to) to be a refugee. 

An asylum seeker is someone who has crossed a border and made a claim that they are a refugee, though have not yet been granted or determined, by the government of United Nations, refugee status. An asylum seeker is, therefore, usually waiting for refugee status to be determined. 

Our volunteers are committed to helping Australia's refugees and asylum seekers through this confronting and challenging time. They take the time to meet up at least once a fortnight for a six month period to check in, offer moral support and a friendly face. 

Good Neighbour Volunteers are provided nationally-accredited training, thanks to our Principal Partner, OTEN, Western Sydney Institute of TAFE. 

Get Involved

There are many ways you can get involved in good neighbour — as a volunteer, a refugee or asylum seeker,
or as an organisation supporting the cause.



Volunteer to be a Good Neighbour
and visit your new friend a minimum of once a fortnight for a six month period.
Show them around your local
community,  go for a walk or simply chat over a cup of tea!



If you are an Australian refugee or asylum seeker in need of a friend, to support you, help you and share your journey with, we have a Good Neighbour for you.



If you are an organisation or individual who would like to help Good Neighbour beyond volunteering to work with our refugees and asylum seekers, we want to talk to you!