Find a Good Neighbour


Find a good neighbour

If you are a refugee or asylum seeker in Sydney, Australia, and are in need of a friend, to support you, help you practice your English and share your journey, we have a Good Neighbour for you. Here's how to find a Good Neighbour:

1. Register your interest by emailing

2. Wait for a call from a Good Neighbour Representative to discuss your situation so they can best match a volunteer to your needs. 

3. Meet up with your Good Neighbour volunteer at minimum once a fortnight for a six month period. 

4. Keep in touch with a Good Neighbour Representative for support during your journey, to ask questions as needed and to debrief on your experience. 

Good Neighbour volunteers will trained and hand selected to best match personal interests and circumstances, in the hope of creating strong, ongoing friendships within the community. 

We thank you for trusting Good Neighbour to share in your journey.

Nothing is more acceptable to a man, than a friend in time of need.
— Plautus