Good Neighbour is about connecting local people with refugees and asylum seekers, who are new to the area, have arrived without the support of their own friends and family, and who need to create a whole new life for themselves in our community. 

For project volunteers, it’s about reaching out to others within your local community, building new friendships and doing unto others what we could only hope would be done to us, should we ever find ourselves in need of a good neighbour.

Good Neighbour's home base is Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. In time, we hope to grow our operation to benefit refugees and asylum seekers nation-wide. 

While working with refugee and asylum seeker clients, it became very clear to me that they had regular interaction with community service workers, but they were missing friends or ‘good neighbours’—someone to share a coffee with and have a chat about normal stuff, family life and everyday things, instead of their immigration or legal status and so on.
— Nicole Yade, Founder of Good Neighbour