be a good neighbour

Good Neighbour sounds simple, because it is. Here's how to become a Good Neighbour volunteer: 

1. Register your interest by emailing nicole@goodneighbour.co

2. Complete a Working with Children check for Volunteers, and a Police Background check. 

3. Complete the free, single day training to become nationally-accredited in two TAFE units. To be accredited, you must attend face-to-face training and complete some assignment work. The units are:

  • Work with Diversity 
  • Work with Forced Migrants

4. Be matched with a refugee or asylum seeker who is in need of a Good Neighbour. 

5. Be a Good Neighbour and visit your new friend at minimum once a fortnight for a six month period and keep a log of your visits. 

6. Keep in touch with a Good Neighbour Representative for support during your journey, to ask questions as needed and to debrief on your experience. 

People working with refugees need knowledge and skills distinct from and additional to that needed for their work with other client groups, hence the training requirement. It is as much about supporting you through your journey, as it is about understanding how best to support your refugee or asylum seeker. 

Good Neighbour depends entirely on our network of volunteers, so we thank you for your interest so far and look forward to getting you on board. 

People’s circumstances chance and, at different times of our lives, all of us may need the help, friendship, or companionship of others.
— Robert Tickner, Australian Red Cross